Hidden gems – Sugar cafe

I’m about to start some home renovation, so I’m losing my office next week.  What’s a girl to do when tossed out on her ear?  Go to a great cafe and set up shop.  Lucky for me I live in San Francisco just about ground zero for free WiFi.  My favorite hideaway?  Sugar Cafe on Sutter Street.  It’s gorgeously appointed, always full of people (a good sign), and has coffee in the a.m. and cocktails in the afternoon.  If you’re dropping by my fair city be sure and check it out!

Hidden gems – Senor Murphy’s Candy Shop

Whenever I am in Santa Fe, NM I always make a point to stop in at the La Fonda hotel and grab a sweet treat from Senor Murphy’s candy shop.  It’s one of the original retro candy stores.  They carry all of your favorite hard-to-find childhood treats.  It’s also where I had my first experience of dark chocolate with ancho chile.   Mmm, caliente.  If you go don’t miss their carameled apples.  The combination of sweet and sour is simply perfection.  In fact, I’d love one right now!

Hidden gems – Canto 6 Bakery

When I travel my electic tastes often take me to places that most people will never visit. I love to explore and spend a lot of my time seeking out interesting, off-the-beaten-path places. I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d love to share some of these finds with you, so for the Summer at least, I’m turning over Double Duty Thursdays to highlight my little hidden gems.

Today’s find is a bakery I stumbled upon (okay, some friends pointed me there) in Jamaica Plain (read: Boston, MA). It had the most amazing selection of homemade, organic baked goods I have ever seen. I literally wanted to buy one of everything in the store. It was so good in fact I wound up there 3 days in a row during a week long stay. It’s called Canto 6 and is just a few blocks from the T-stop. Turns out they’ve already won a “Best of Boston” award and if you go you’ll see why. The selections of fresh scones, sticky buns and monkey bread are truly mouthwatering.