Travel tip of the week

Turbulence can make even the most solid fliers weak in the knees. What to do? Turn yourself into a human shock absorber. Simply lifting your feet off the cabin floor will help. Also try relaxing your thigh muscles and flexing your knees, this will make your body more fluid and can ride the bumps like they’re waves on the beach. Trust me this really works.

Double duty – alarm clock

I’m always looking for ways to pack less in my bags. A great piece of advice I received — leave your travel alarm clock at home and use your cell phone instead. Most phones have an alarm feature. The best part is that your cell phone will normally reset itself to local time when you land and connect up to the local network. No more worrying that the front desk will forget your wake up call!

Great travel accessory

When ever I travel I take along my Harvey’s backpack. Made from re purposed seat belts this thing is almost indestructible. It’s deeper than a black hole and easily fits my wallet, camera, passport and even my jacket if it gets too warm.

It doesn’t make you look like a student or a backpacker. Best of all, it’s a great conversation starter. People are always amazed to discover that it’s really old seatbelts.

Where shall I go?

Some of my best travel ideas come from movies. I head into a darkened theatre for 2 hours and I see places that are literally worlds away. I’m always the last person to leave the theater because I’m reading the credits trying to figure out, “Was that Costa Rica?” I’ve become a world class location sleuth over the years.

I’m legendary for once locating a Mexican hotel with only this photo to work from. I think it’s the hunter in me that loves to go looking for the next big thing. That’s why creating fantasy vacations for Instant is such fun. I get to dream up trips I’d love to take and then figure out how to make them happen.

Welcome to Instant Native – Travel blog

Like Madonna, every once in a while you just have to reinvent yourself. I find that I’m ready for a change. About a year ago I left my cushy corporate job looking for a new challenge. I’ve spent the past few months following a passion of mine. Travel. I love doing it, planning it, dreaming about it. It’s an obsession for me. Vacation is more than just plane tickets and hotels, it’s the chance to sample another lifestyle, see new countries and meet interesting people. I’d love to share my joy of travel, and have decided to move my website in that direction. So welcome to the new Instant Native. I hope you like it!