What does your luggage say about you?

I’ve spent my day today hustling through airports on my way to New York. As an observer of people I’m always fascinated to see what sort of luggage they are bringing on their trips. Are they…

Business travelers? Easily identifiable by their tightly clutched Blackberries and their matching black luggage. Always small enough to carry on the plane and usually Tumi or Swiss Army. Matching laptop bags are di rigeur of course.

Vacationers? Look for multiple large bags. It’s like when American decides to go on vacation, they need to pack everything but the kitchen sink.

Fashionistas? They always carry designer brand luggage – Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Kate Spade or Diane Von Furstenberg. All pieces are small and cleverly designed to fit snugly together.

Rock stars? Either they’re carrying nothing but their toothbrush (what are roadies for anyway, right?) or they’ve got the full set of Alexander McQueen for Samsonite, a ghoulish white set of cases that look like a human skeleton when in use.

Families? You’ll see their small children all toting their own adorable, usually Disney inspired, wheelie bags and their favorite stuffed animal on board.

What do you carry? Myself I travel like a business person. That Swiss Army luggage is small, but it packs an amazing amount of clothes and toiletries. Besides with the addition of a bright luggage tag I can always tell when my bag is tumbling down the baggage claim. Best part, I always get respect from the cabbies who assume I’m traveling on the company dime.

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