Couchsurfing 101

Couchsurfing is a great way to travel if you’re budget conscious.  For years I had almost everyone I know crash at my home, and now it’s time for some pay back.  Since I never recommend anything on this site I wouldn’t try myself I’m here to download the results of my latest couchsurfing experience.

The Travel Muse’s rules on couch surfing

– Don’t overstay your welcome. Three days is good, seven may be too many.  When in doubt ask your host what’s “too long”.

– Do little things around the house to help out. Don’t reorg the pantry, but do unload the dishwasher once in a while.

– Don’t expect to be entertained.  Plan some activities for yourself.  In my case, friends work from home and need some privacy during the day.  Be respectful of your hosts’ schedule and give them some space.

– Replace the things you consume, like soap, wine or coffee. It will save your host from running out and all of these make excellent hostess gifts.

– Pick up a tab while you’re there. The average couch stay will save you several hundred bucks.  You can afford to buy your hosts dinner.

– Be prepared to “sing for your supper”. As Carrie once said on Sex and the City it’s expected in a house guest. Have a few stories prepared to entertain friends over dinner.

Remember, great house guests get invited back!

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