Where shall I go?

Ever since reading about the Jupiter Hotel in Travel & Leisure several years ago I’ve longed to stay here. Well, this week I’ve finally made it. The hotel is truly the hipster paradise it’s advertised to be. Attached to the Doug Fir Lounge it’s a hotspot for local and regional bands. There is a large party tent connecting what used to be an old motel.

Rooms have all the longed for creative touches:

– chalkboard doors…the adult equivalent of “keep out” signs
– free wifi thoughout the hotel
– an on site tattoo parlour, rocker hair salon, and adult toy store
– free condoms at turndown (just don’t mistake this cheeky gift for your mint!)

I must in all conscience list a few cautions. Do not stay here if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep. No room is far enough away from the either the lounge or the party space to give you peace and quiet. The room decor can be a bit random (and doesn’t look like the website). For instance our room sported a yellow toilet that always made you think twice about whether you were getting a fresh bowl. There is also a large green throw pillow on the bed that looks like the love child of Oscar the Grouch and the proverbial grassy knoll. We voted it off the island as just too creepy.

On the plus side if you check in after midnight rooms can be had for as little as $89 per night. Breakfast and/or cocktails at the Doug Fir are a must. The neighborhood has a lot of cool vintage stores, coffee shops and boutiques. Best of all the hotel is within walking distance of Voodoo Doughnuts.

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