Hotel review – Night Hotel (NYC)

You know how you look at a website and think that a concept boutique hotel is a great idea? When I saw the Night Hotel I was convinced it was going to be something totally new. It has an edgy website, the requisite lounge/bar and a killer location near Times Square.

So my husband and I check in expecting hip and happening and what we get is fetishistic and off putting. Sure the room was huge (by New York standards), and the property was 100% bed bug free (key in Manhattan), but I wouldn’t go back. Why? Because when we checked in they insisted on making a copy of my drivers license for “security” purposes. Weird. Then they handed me my key and told me I had, “A great room”. Well I did have a nice room, the linens were Frette, and the bed was comfy, but I had a view of an air shaft. The decor was black and white which I thought would be chic, but it comes off overbearing. I mean there were thistles creeping up the walls, and a black tiled bath. Even the bed was dominated by a large black headboard. I had the impression I was spending the night in Edward Cullen’s bachelor pad.

I’ve stayed in many boutique Manhattan hotels and what I’ve learned is that in New York, boutique = weird.

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