One person can make a difference

I love this idea.  There are so many troubling problems in the world ~ not enough food, school or medical supplies, no clean water, no soap.  It’s daunting just thinking about it.  However, there are a few people I’ve encountered in the cyber world who took matters into their own hands and are really making a difference.  Today I’m going to share a couple and hopefully inspire you.

Pack for a PurposeI’ve written about them before on this site, but they bear a second mention simply for the amazing amount they’ve accomplished in the past year.  The idea is that a travel can spare enough packing space to take a bag of pencils, deflated soccer balls or medical supplies into areas that need them.  I’ve watched on Twitter as they’ve added destinations galore.

Clean the World – When Shawn Seipler, a frequent traveler, thought about how much hotel soap and shampoo are discarded in North America every day he realized that there was an opportunity there.  People all over the world are becoming sick because they don’t have ordinary bar soap to wash their hands.  He partnered with Paul Till to collect and recycle unused soap and shampoo from hotels.  That was in 2008.  They now they send their recycled bar soap all over the world, helping thousands avoid disease and live healthier lives.

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