Travel tip of the week

It’s Spring Break time again and I know a lot of you are getting ready to board flights and head out.  Wanted to just give you some advice before you go.  Baggage fees are still high, often running $25 or more.  Since oil prices have been rising all Spring that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.  What can you do to save on bags?  Well you could get an airline credit card and use it to book tickets.  Continental’s card waives your baggage fees if you do this.  You could check in online and save $5 on your bag.  Frontier is doing that.  Or you could buy full fare coach (or be a frequent flyer God), and the airline will pick up your tab.  Barring that, you’re going to have to pack light, carry on and fight for overhead bin space.  Happy travels!

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