Okay airlines, where’s my refund?

Finally some good news for travelers.  Oil prices fell this week.  The double whammy of unrest in the Middle East and loss of demand from Japan after the earthquake have shaken the oil market and cut off the speculation that has been rampant for the past month.  That means that airlines can once again buy, well if not cheap oil, then cheaper oil.  But are they rolling back the “oil surcharge” they tacked on to tickets in late February and March?  If they are I haven’t heard about it.  And this is my gripe.  Every time oil heads for $100 a barrel the fees start coming on from the airlines.  Baggage fees, oil surcharge fees, they’ve got a dozen different names for this.  But when oil prices subsequently drop again those fees stay firmly in place.  Well airlines if they really are assessed to help you recoup costs then they should be removed as oil prices come down.  So I’m throwing down a gauntlet on behalf of all travelers and issuing you a challenge to lose the fees.   You can’t have it both ways.

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