I bet Richard Branson is issuing a personal apology

for this one.  Kevin Smith, actor/director and indie darling got into a snit with Virgin America yesterday when he missed his plane. Seems they boarded the flight early and paged him (at least they said they did), but he wasn’t at the gate in time to get on board.  After a tiff with the staff he and his traveling companions’ were separated from their luggage and re-booked on a later flight..  But this is Kevin Smith, so almost immediately the whole debacle wound up on his Twitter account.  Bad news for Virgin.  The last time he tweeted Southwest had to come crawling to him on their hands and knees apologizing for marking him “too fat to fly”.  All I can say is I wish I had this kind of clout, they’ve already issued him a full refund and 3 new tickets for future travel.

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