Last minute deals

The travel industry is hurting. You’ve heard it everywhere and unfortunately it’s true. There is a bright side though. In order to keep those airplane seats, hotels and cruise ships full, companies have been offering some amazing deals. Most of these are for last minute travel, and they all share a few basic characteristics.  They all seem to come in via e-mail; they need to be purchased within a number of days, so no dawdling; and all are for a set period of time like Jan. 1 – Feb. 28, 2008. Taking all those things into account, there are still some great deals to be had. Just a handful of what I’ve seen lately:

  • $149 per night at Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami (recently reopened)
  • $199 per night at a luxury hotel off New York’s Central Park – includes New Year’s Eve!
  • $499 cruise to Mexico
  • Galapagos Islands cruise “make us an offer”
  • Disney resort – book 7 nights, and 3 nights are free

I know they sound too good to be true. I often think that myself, but with the economy in peril there are deals out there that are not to be missed. On my radar — Hawaii. Occupancy has hit a 7 year low this past October, so keep your eyes pealed for deals galore in the New Year.

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