You’re going to have to buy me dinner first

The web was ablaze yesterday with stories about John Tyner, a 31 year old passenger flying out San Diego who refused to go through the backscatter imaging machine.  He did accept a pat down, but when it was detailed exactly how close TSA would get he famously stated, “If you touch my junk I’ll have you arrested.” He was promptly thrown out of the airport and may even be fined $10,000.  Now I haven’t personally encountered a backscatter machine yet, but I do know that the images they produce are, well, intimate.  And TSA has already been caught out storing the images even though they claimed it wasn’t possible.  I’m very uncomfortable with that.  What I’m wondering is if Hollywood could come up with a scanner that shows skeletons, why couldn’t TSA?  I mean hey guys the idea has been out there since Total Recall.  Maybe you should give Arnold Schwarzenegger a call.

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