Mandatory tipping is an oxymoron

I caught wind of this New York Post article yesterday about New York’s hotel bars assessing a mandatory 18 – 20% tip on bar tabs.  It’s crazy!  I mean drinks in Manhattan already run around $15 – $20 each.  Add on a 20% tip and we’re talking about $18 – $24 per tipple.  Besides, when I tip a bartender for a drink, and I’m paying in cash, I normally leave a couple of dollars, not $3 – 5 per drink.

Now I understand that New York bartenders are upset that Europeans don’t tip.  Still, tips are a reward for good service.  That means they are at the sole discretion of the patron, and can not be mandatory.  All I can say is watch your bar bills closely people and if you see an unwarranted tip, have it removed.  It’s your right.

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