Couchsurfing 102

I’ve been on the road for over 7 months now and I’ve found that I have some additional advice for all you couch surfers out there.  Here goes:

– If you are staying with family (as I am), don’t bring up hot topics like politics, religion or why your parents are just plain crazy.  Stay away from things that you’re bound to disagree on.  Oh and don’t give in to old patterns.  People will try to push your buttons, bite your tongue or count to 10.

– Do buy groceries, cook a meal, help out around the house, and keep your room tidy.  Trust me this will reduce your stress and your hosts.

– Ask for things you can’t find.  No one likes having guests poking around their cupboards looking for things.  Oh and stay out of that vanity.  It’s rude to snoop.

– Make sure you have a couple of days where you can just go out on your own and get out of your hosts way.  They’ll appreciate the breathing room, and you will too.

– Send a thank you gift.  If you’ve crashed on some one’s couch for more than 2 weeks (yeah I’m guilty of this), send them some love.  It doesn’t have to be big, just something thoughtful that will make them smile…and want to invite you back.

Wondering about my original post?  It’s here if you want to check it out.

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