36 hours in the Big Apple – Last 12

Downtown (by Jen Laceda – Folie a Deux)

The clock is ticking away – a sign that there is just too little time to cover such a diverse area. Downtown is where you find an ever changing history of immigration and settlement. From the fur traders of the 1600’s to the millionaire hedge fund traders dominating the Financial District today; from the Five Points Gangs of the mid 1800’s to the Little Italy and Chinatown community currently occupying the area; and from the Irish and Jewish-Russian immigrants of the late 1800’s to the punk crowd settling in Lower East Side nowadays. They all stand as a testament to the city’s international roots. But perhaps the most poignant event in recent American history, the 9/11 attacks, still holds stirring memories for many who visit Ground Zero, where a memorial has been placed where once the World Trade Towers stood. Rambling around historical Downtown and remembering the ghosts of the past will surely take one on a journey that is as moving as any trip to Ellis Island.

As a farewell to all the good things crammed in this tiny 22-square mile island, an obligatory New York hot dog is in order. Nothing tastes better than a New Yawk dawg eaten by the pier.

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