Three nights in the Corpse Bride suite

The most important thing to take with you when you travel is your sense of humor. I booked my husband and myself into the Bronte Suite of a bed and breakfast last month. We had checked things out online and agreed the room looked really nice, and at $159 a night was a real bargain. I should have suspected something. When we checked in and were taken into our room it was a nightmare of frou frou knick knacks. There were pictures of 19th century brides and grooms everywhere. The room was accented with white lace gloves, a satin parasol and a teddy bear holding the remote controls to the t.v. and dvd player. Creepy, you bet! Now I’ve stayed at a lot of B&Bs in my time and have seen some pretty random stuff, but this was just beyond the pale. I spent the first hour of my stay stashing away lace covered boxes and books of romantic poetry. Eventually I was able to make the room habitable. However, a note to innkeepers everywhere, this kind of decor is not, I repeat not, a good idea. It’s kind of like filling a room with clowns.

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