Some notable new developments

As we come up on Memorial Day weekend and the kick-off of Summer travel I’ve been noticing a couple of notable developments in the travel sphere.  First peak travel fees are back.  You first saw them charged for flights on Christmas and Thanksgiving  in 2009.  In 2010 they expanded to include Super Bowl weekend, Mother’s Day and Easter.  This Summer they are everywherePeak fares fees of $10 – $30 are being charged from June 10 – August 22nd.  That’s almost the entire Summer.  Oh and be sure to look for the oil surcharge to surge as well.  Revenue stricken airlines are beginning to assess big fees, particularly on Europe flights, to cover the high cost of jet fuel.

Maybe it’s time to consider a driving vacation.  Despite the spill in the Gulf, oil prices are going down in anticipation of the Summer travel boom. For the first time in years other Americans plan to stay home, so you may even have the road to yourself.

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