Road trip update

Yesterday marked the third week of our current six week road trip.  So far we’ve covered 3,000 miles (yup, about a thousand a week), 4 states and 7 hotels.  Whew!  It’s been a whirlwind.  We’ve managed to stay off of the Interstates for all but 150 miles of our trip and we have seen some seriously weird stuff.  We have found a boutique hotel in Greenwood, Mississippi, a restaurant in the shape of Aunt Jemima (I think that’s her…), the Frog Capital of the World, and a city “To Beautiful to Burn” ~ direct quote from Ulysses S. Grant.  As well as countless other treasures of which most Americans are blissfully unaware.

The great thing about a road trip is the ability to stop the car and get out to look around.  You don’t have to worry about bag fees, TSA or removing your shoes and belt.  No one will bump you from your car.  You just take your time and stop (often) to smell the roses.  The downsides?  High (well it’s relative, but I’m American) gas prices, weather (we’ve outrun tornadoes and severe thunderstorms so far) and road food.  I’ve come to the realization that “Home Cooked” often means caloric and deathly filling.  There are no fruits and veggies on the road unless you’re lucky enough to spot a farm stand.  Still my husband and I agree that everyone should take a road trip at least once in their lifetime.  It’s probably not on your bucket list, but trust me it should be!

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