Man-cation – Pittsburgh

FallingwaterLast day in town? Time for a field trip. Just about a hour out of Pittsburgh is Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater House. The tour is short, but worth the trip. The house contains lots of great little quirks. For starters it’s canti- levered. That means it’s basically a few huge blocks of stone held in place by one another. The living room features a hatch that leads down a stair case and right into the river. It’s like nature’s air conditioning. You can walk the terraces and enjoy the great views. There’s even a pool up on the top level. Spend your day marveling at the architectural feats of daring do, then head in to Ohiopyle for lunch. You can pick up some grub at the Firefly Grill, and picnic down by the river where the air is nice and cool.

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  1. We are going here in the fall! I can’t wait! We’re huge architecture fans so this has been on our list a long time. After visiting the Glass House in CT we were inspired to finally book a trip to Fallingwater.

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