The artful hotel

For many years hotels have filled their lobbies and public spaces with fine arts and sculpture. Now modern hoteliers are going further and displaying their “collections”. Some are museum quality.

The Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis displays a multimillion dollar collection of multi-media modern art in their lobby and bar. 21C Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky sponsors exhibitions and also permanent installations throughout its property. For more of an Old World flavor, the elegantly appointed Chateau Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans boasts a wide selection of contemporary and conceptual art. The Bellagio in Las Vegas not only has beautiful timed fountains, it also owns a Gallery of Fine Art which shows traveling exhibitions. Finally out here on the West Coast Hotel Max accentuates each room with original art, and displays photographers (1 per floor) in the corridors on each level.

So the next time you’re looking for a boutique hotel experience, why not stay at an art hotel. You’ll save yourself museum admission and can feel like a collector. If only for a little while.

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