Travel tip of the week

Last week I ran across an article about a great organization,  The idea is elegant in it’s simplicity.  When Rebecca and Scott Rothney noticed on their African travels that the locals lacked little things like soccer balls, pencils and medical supplies, they decided to use the extra space in their suitcases to pack them.  They quickly realized that their small donations could have a huge impact in the countries they visit.  So they launched a website.  You simply go there, enter your destination and a screen pops up telling you what kinds of things the locals need.  They even have a pdf card you can print out saying, “This package from _______ was made possible by finding your needs list on the Pack for a Purpose website.  It is our pleasure to be of help.”  I only wish I had heard of them sooner.  It’s a great way to meet that 50 lb. bag requirement and do some good at the same time!

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