Where shall I go?

Isn’t this a stunningly beautiful photo?  Imagine reading the accompanying text which describes how her balcony overlooks the Mediterranean.  Doesn’t it make you want to jump a flight and book a room?  When I look at this photo, all I know is I want to be there.

Where is this bastion of loveliness you ask?  Well it’s the new Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut.  Yes, that Beirut.  The hotel opened this week and this picture has been making the rounds of travel blogs.  Now I’m as guilty as the next travel planner of filling my blog with serene images of beaches, sunsets and castles.  Often it is one beautiful photo that sells a destination.

However, I’m wondering do you ever feel cheated to find your hotel doesn’t measure up to it’s great press? To give an example, here’s another photo from the same hotel. Would you be as inclined to stand out on this balcony choking on smog, view impeded by high rises, and wondering what direction the sea is?

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