Hidden gems – Moray

IMG_2376Peru, particularly Cusco is often described as “magical”, and it’s true. As you fly in you pass over mountains that have been terraced for farming, but look for all the world like they are wearing strands of pearls. The patchwork farms and stone temples dot the landscape like ancient tattoos. We wanted to see as much of it as we could on our 5 day trip, so we booked a tour and spent a day on the bus hopping from site to site, snapping off a few pictures and moving on. Not my ideal way to see a place. The next day we decided to ditch the bus in favor of a private driver. I’ve never been so pleased with a decision. Just 50 kilometers from Cusco we found Moray, an Incan ruin designed for testing different crops and climates.  Viewed from above it’s one of the most visually stunning sites I’ve ever seen.  You’d swear aliens landed and this is the resulting crop circle.  You are allowed to descend to the bottom of the terraces and it’s worth the walk.  Ingenius rock staircases zigzag across the stone walls allowing you access lower and lower into the bowl.  It’s absolutely quiet but for the birdsong and the conversations of the tourists.  A truly magical experience!

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