Where shall I go?

monestario2I have found Nirvana.  That holy grail for weary travelers.  A respite, an oasis of calm in an otherwise bustling and busy tourist city.  I just returned from Cusco, Peru where I spent 5 days exploring ruins, eating, shopping and visiting museums.  On a rainy day when I desperately needed a place to sit down, relax and dry off I came upon the Hotel Monasterio.  From the outside it appears the monastery it used to be, but inside you’ll find a luxury hotel that is elegant without being ostentatious.  I walked through the glass doors and into a hidden courtyard with arched colonnades and the quiet chanting of monks playing over an invisible sound system.  Off the courtyard there is an exquisite chapel containing some truly amazing Cusquenian art.  Turns out this is an Orient Express hotel.  I wandered into the cozy lobby bar for a coffee and was delighted by the miniature cookies that came to my table compliments of the house.  The experience was first class.  Waiters are attired in white jackets and they serve you so discreetly you’re left free to wander in your own reverie.  If you are ever in Cusco you simply must seek it out.

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