Get ready for “the new normal”

2009 just ended and 2010 has begun.  What can we expect in the travel world you ask?  Well according to the experts:

–  Fewer flights and higher airfares.  Airlines have been cutting back flights all during 2009 to try and get a handle on their pricing.  In 2010 looks like they’ll win.

–  Cheaper hotel rooms.  Mostly in packages where those deep discounts can be hidden away.  Hotel occupancy is way off, so deals will be out there for the hunters.

–  Yearly fees for checked bags.  United is at the forefront of this with their $249 a year  luggage deal.

–  Staycations.  Yup more people are simply planning to stay home.  Even the drivers are saying they won’t be doing as much in 2010.  People are nesting again.

–  Car rentals will continue going up.  Look for deals from lower end players or go further afield to pick up your car.  The airport will cost you dearly.

Here’s one of my own I would add, more insanity from TSA.  The organization who is busy patting themselves on the back for doing such a good job in 2009 (seriously!) is going to continue making your travel unpleasant.  Whether it’s keeping your hands in your lap the last hour of your flight or those horrible strip search machines, it’s going to be ugly for the beginning of 2010.

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