San Francisco Food Fight – Happy Hour

Let’s talk reality for a moment…the economy is in the dumper, and so every restaurant that can is trying to woo customers with cheap eats and booze, and who are we not to partake of such bounty? Thus, The Muse and I have become aficionados of the perfect Happy Hour. From sushi to small plates, The Mission to The Marina, we know the ins and outs of every decent happy hour in the city. Here are two:

Fish & Farm — This small restaurant in the Mark Twain Hotel serves pretty decent fare and that carries over into their happy hour. Skip the Bacon Tater Tots and go straight to Juicy Lucy Burger ($5) with a side of their French Fries and Steak Sauce. Or try the Mac & Cheese, an appetizer to die for, along with a pile of F&F’s greens, just to keep your arteries from hardening. The only place F & F’s happy hour falls down is on the drinks: $3 draft beers but not a single cheap cocktail in the place.

Urban Tavern — Another hotel bar and restaurant, but one that explicitly bills itself as a ‘Gastro Pub’. I don’t know about the full menu, but the only ‘Gastro’ in the fare served at Urban Tavern is the one in ‘gastro-intestinal distress’. But here’s the thing… If you want to drink, I mean really, REALLY want to drink, Urban Tavern is your place: 1/2 price cocktails people, and I don’t mean crappy half-price well drinks. I ordered a dirty Junipero martini (a very expensive local gin) and got a full-size drink that had me wobbling before I’d finished it for only $5! Along with their specialty concoctions, this place is practically an alcoholics paradise.

So what’s my recommendation? Drink like a fish at Urban Tavern from 3:00 to 5:00 and then stumble over to the Mark Twain Hotel (about 2 blocks) and gorge on Fish&Farm’s appetizers till 6:00.

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