Great travel accessory

I usually try not to repeat my ideas for accessories, but last week I had a great suggestion from Elizabeth that I’d like to share. When I posted on the great little magnetic picture frames for sale at Pottery Barn, she came back with a recommendation for digital picture keychains. A bit of research turned up a model on that holds 56 photos. Way cool for those of you traveling far from friends and family and at under $30 a bargain as well. Thanks Elizabeth!

2 Replies to “Great travel accessory”

  1. Appears in the simulated product shot to be a great gadget, but be sure to read the reviews on Amazon by purchasers, all of whom are very disappointed with the quality. Might as well not even view the poor quality grainy pixelated images!

  2. Steverino – Thanks for weighing in. It’s not something I’ve used myself, but I like the idea of it. Any model you would recommend?

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