Where shall I go?

I am about to hit the highways and byways of America for a 6 week roadtrip.  I’ve always dreamed of driving across country and this year I’ve finally got the time, money and most importantly the car to make it happen.  Many years ago when my husband and I moved from the East to the West Coast he got to drive cross country by himself.  True, he was trucking our rather large stash of *ironically* Californian wines back to the motherland, but at the time I was quite jealous that I wasn’t along.  13+ years later we’re heading out together across the deep South.  We’ll be stopping along the way to see the sights (for me), and doing genealogical research (for him), and of course we want to sample the food from here to the Atlantic.  I’m expecting a lot of offers of sweet tea and maybe a few for pickled pigs feet, but I’m ready for the adventure.  Wondering where we are?  You can follow our progress on Twitter here.

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